Academically the school is performing well.Welldone Academy did its first KCPE examinations in 2014 and the following years (2015,2016) and we are proud to say that we have National cases just to mention but a few:

1:Solomon Tole-379 points-Kenyatta High.

2:Bernard Mkoka - 375-Kenyatta High.

3:Haki Bernard - 359-Kenyatta High.

4:Abdulkarim Katama- 381 Sheikh khalifa.

 5:Ramadhani Idd - 379- Ribe boys.

6:Sophia Ali - 352-Bahari Girls.

7:Yusuf Mwatua- 350- Shimo-la-tewa High.


Welcome message.

I want to welcome you to Welldone Academy. I am thrilled that you have taken time to view the website and find out more about …

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A list of school’s teachers.

1:Nuru Omar Mohammed-Director.

2:Kurujah Kai Henry-school head.

3:Judith Pahe Kai.

4:Masud Ndenge …

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