Welcome message.

I want to welcome you to Welldone Academy. I am thrilled that you have taken time to view the website and find out more about what Welldone can offer you. I encourage you to take time to explore this website. Read our Mission statement, look at our school profile,explore the admissions section and consider if Welldone Academy is right for you.Feel free to contact us by zainah.nyattah@gmail.com or 0721148861 to learn more.



School calendar.

 1:school opened on January 4th 2017.

2:Back to school exams-25th-27th-January.

3:Mid-Term …

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A list of school’s teachers.

1:Nuru Omar Mohammed-Director.

2:Kurujah Kai Henry-school head.

3:Judith Pahe Kai.

4:Masud Ndenge …

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